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One of our dreams was to start a St. John USVI business after reading this great article in Islands Magazine: 10 Best Islands to Live On for Starting a Business.  If you are looking to escape the 9-5, you should consider the No. 1 spot on the list and join us. First step, come for a visit which will prompt you to not want to leave. For planning your visit, check out a favorite of ours, St. John Fun.

St. John USVI is a perfect island to start a business because of the beautiful weather, tourists coming over from St. Thomas for the day, and limited competition. However, you must think of a great idea and be able to go with the flow. Once you have decided on your new business venture, we recommend getting the word out ASAP. If your business depends on tourists, a St. John USVI Business website should be high on the list.

Your first question will be, How much will this cost me?  Websites are not as expensive as they use to be thanks to the many open source tools and Content Management Systems (CMS) that allow Do-It-Yourself website management. However, you will need the skills to set up your website and training to keep it updated. This is where Buoyant Web Design can help. We have experience setting up, hosting, and managing many websites. We are also local so you can reach us for any questions that may arise.

Your next question may be, Who will update or maintain my website?   If you do not want to do this yourself due to time constraints running your core business, Buoyant Web Design offers services to manage and create content to keep your business on your customer’s radar.

Another question you may have, Why not just set up a freebie website or use Facebook?  Depending on your business, this may work for you. Freebie websites are used to provide an online presence with a Homepage that advertises for the Freebie business. If you go this route, we still suggest marketing your business through Social Media, which is another specialty of ours.  Many St. John USVI businesses rely solely on Facebook to reach their customers.  Facebook was a great platform before they made changes to the News Feed earlier this year.  They now only show users the content that is most relevant to them, which may not consist of your business.  As a new or established business trying to reach new customers, this may be a steep uphill climb.

If you are happy with your website or Facebook page, but would like to benefit from the new Facebook model focusing on advertising, we suggest setting up Facebook campaigns through the power editor. For more info on this, contact us.  We would like to work together to help you attract as many customers as possible.  Give us a call at (980)233-1174 to start your St. John business in the right direction.

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