Share your Story

Do you have what it takes to start an online blog? Let me answer that for you! YES, you do. However, there are many steps and Buoyant Web Design would love to walk you through them.

First things first.  Why do you want to start a blog?  Do you have a GREAT STORY and would you like to share it to the world?  Are you trying to ADVERTISE and expand your St. John USVI business by reaching more people online?  Would you like to make some residual income through affiliate marketing?

Now that you are EXCITED about the potential to make more $$$, let’s get you started.

You will first need to decide what you would like to name your blog.  This depends on what you will be writing about.  A catchy name is great but may not be an available domain.  Put your thinking cap on and let the ideas flow!  You will then need to purchase the domain and decide who will host your business.  For those not familiar, hosting is space on a server that holds all of the files for your blog or website.  There are many options for hosting with the large companies such as GoDaddy or BlueHost or Buoyant Web Design can provide FREE hosting for clients.  This can be very technical to setup so feel free to CONTACT US if you would like our help.

After you have a place online for your website you will need to decide what the website should look like.  There are many templates to choose from or you can decide on a Custom Design.  One of our clients, Prescription4Change, uses a template that has been customized by us. We have also used a template building tool to customize the website, St. John Fun. Since there are so many options we would love to talk you through them.  We believe in keeping it simple and will keep the technical jargon aside.

Once you have your layout, you will create the content to attract customers and followers.  You will then share your knowledge of a subject, your business, or your story.  We will also explain how to use social media to reach out and GROW your customer base.

Sounds simple, right?  It can be if you have the time.  If not, Buoyant Web Design, is here to HELP.  Don’t let your dream to share your story pass you by because of the details details details.  Start NOW, contact us at 980-233-1174!

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