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Do you have what it takes to start an online blog? Let me answer that for you! YES, you do. However, there are many steps and Buoyant Web Design would love to walk you through them. First things first.  Why do you want to start a blog?  Do you have a GREAT STORY and would you like to share it to the world?  Are you trying to ADVERTISE and expand your St. John USVI business by reaching more people online?  Would you like to make some residual income through affiliate marketing? Now that you are E...

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St. John USVI Business Website

One of our dreams was to start a St. John USVI business after reading this great article in Islands Magazine: 10 Best Islands to Live On for Starting a Business.  If you are looking to escape the 9-5, you should consider the No. 1 spot on the list and join us. First step, come for a visit which will prompt you to not want to leave. For planning your visit, check out a favorite of ours, St. John Fun. St. John USVI is a perfect island to start a business because of the beautiful weather, tourists...

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Best Tools to Create a Responsive Design Website

As a thinker, doer and man of few words I strive for efficiency in everything I do. The internet has opened the world up to me and has made research a quick and easy task. So, the path of least resistance is my goal and I use many tools to make my life easier and the creation of your website more fluid. I am an avid fan of the new technologies that have allowed the non-coder to enter website design. This is where, the Ultimatum theme and Microthemer plugin come to the re...

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