Best Tools to Create a Responsive Design Website

As a thinker, doer and man of few words I strive for efficiency in everything I do. The internet has opened the world up to me and has made research a quick and easy task. So, the path of least resistance is my goal and I use many tools to make my life easier and the creation of your website more fluid. I am an avid fan of the new technologies that have allowed the non-coder to enter website design. This is where, the Ultimatum theme and Microthemer plugin come to the rescue. I was introduced to these through my training at and Robert Farrell (aka the adobe guru) at These cool tools allow me to focus on the content and marketing that truly are the reasons for an online presence. I do not claim to know everything about website design but I am dedicated to making my clients the best website based on their needs.

I have been tinkering with website design since I found out my current company spent over $5,000 for a very basic website. As an accountant by trade, this seemed like a lot of money. I now understand that there is a ton of work that goes into planning, building and designing a website and can mostly justify these costs.

So back to my point….in an always changing web environment, I believe is the future of creating, maintaining and managing a website. This is a free personal publishing platform with plugins to showcase your blog or company on the web. You can choose a quick and easy template or design your own with the Ultimatum Theme. If you purchase your own template you will need to make sure it has responsive design capabilities. Ultimatum provides this feature in all of the coding so your website automatically responds to the viewer’s device. While each option has its drawbacks, a template does not allow you the design capabilities I like to provide my customers. Using Ultimatum, you can change the view of each web page to allow for more customization.

One drawback I have found using Ultimatum is the lack of easy CSS (cascading style sheets) rules. This is where I believe the Microthemer plugin provides the best solution. This plugin (TRY it here: Microthemer) lets you redesign your site via intuitive visual design. It allows you to change the view of each device through a point-and-click interface. So even if you know how to create CSS via code you will save time with Microthemer.  Here is an example of the CSS options provided with Microthemer:


Watch this Microthemer tutorial on Youtube.

From my research and experience working with different website design tools, these provide the most bang for your buck with convenience and ease of use. There are other options similar to this such as Webflow but this does not provide an established Content Management System such as Try these out for yourself and let me know if you feel the same as I do.

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